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Land line problems

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Land line problems

Sorry nowhere else to report this [still ongoing] problem

Home phone has been off since Friday May 7th - but possibly longer. I reported it and Question 214170376 was raised

A local fault was diagnosed with a date of 14th suggested for a fix - but that date has been and gone and so I tried to add response to update my question but it was not available to me

So I tweeted instead and was reminded that it was still May 14th and asked to report back later. My wife comes from another angle entirely and reminds me hourly how long the phone has been off and it hasnt helped with May 14 being a big birthday and today being a big Anniversary and anyone trying to get through c-a-n-t - it sounds "engaged" tone

So today I post hoping someone can update Question 214170376 for me as still not resolved or better yet get BT / whoever to fix the b....y thing as it isnt the first time

cheers bamboozled

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Re: Land line problems

No problem and thanks for the post @Bamboozled 

I'm sorry to see you've been having issues with your line again. Sad

Looking into this the major service outage is still showing as ongoing with no new estimated resolution date (it's at 14/05/2021 13:27 still) and BT's network incident team are unfortunately closed today so I can't go chasing. 

I've however raised a fault report with Openreach we should receive updates to and I've created a new ticket under ref 214363703 so we can keep you updated on the progress, the previous one 214170376 was created as a closed ticket. 

Really sorry again for the problems. Feel free to post back if you need any further help, I'm not in the office tomorrow or the 18th as a heads up but my colleagues should be able to help in my absence Smiley

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