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Its time to run from Plus Net

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Its time to run from Plus Net

Sedated in my bed for 5 days due to illness and acute anxiety issues.
I was told today I am responsible for a phone call starting with 0208.
A phone call that began around 7.20 pm on Friday night and ended 15 hours and 40 minutes later on Saturday Morning at 11.00 am .
The total cost of this call totals £110.00.
While contacting and informing Customer Services of the issue O am now unable to call out using my home phone, even while I am.safeguarded by the local mental health CRISIS TEAM.
Now frightened that if anything might deteriate i am left with no way to contact them.
But mote than 1 hr 40 minutes of frustrating rhetoric that they had reason to believe the truth I never made this call ,and then discovered through a google search that the number when it came up on google repeated the same alarming word SPAM number, I was told O am responsible and they would not allow me to have access to any outgoing phone calls, not that O am phoning many people anyway and have a monthly budget of a max of £40 per month inclusive.
I explained in my humble opinion that without Plus Net providing evidence that I made such a call while under sedation and in bed sleeping the night and days away, I am intact guilty before proven innocent.
And punished for my apparent sins.
I felt compelled to question the validity of Plus Nets Customer Charter in relation to having in place SAFE GUARD MEASURES that can be used on individual cases by my cry for help went no where.
I gave up pleading for understanding to come into play as it was only followed with the same repeated rhetoric.
I again made an attempt to speak directly with either one of 3 Managers who I named but none were available, I requested any email address where i could forward my drafted emails to support but they all came back to me.
The support team could not supply me with any email to forward my complaint onto them or the 3 named Managers I am aware of that may of stepped in today to release my tension.
But no my efforts re calling Customer Support was wasted effort.
I was able to find the email of Plus Nets Chief Executive and have now achieved it to send.
As this is the 2nd disturbing issue that I have encountered I am loosing the faith very fast and will not be staying with Plus Net for very much longer.
Nor will I enter into the thought of paying any termination fees they wish to dump me with.
I am greatly disappointed I remained with Plus Net now having 2 major upsets.
And these assumptions that staff believe they feel entitled to placing blame entirely on the Customer without any adequate investigation being taken out.
Had they responded to put this outrageous one off £110.00 charge for what may well be a Spam Call is irresponsible and unkind to assume that the customer is wrong and they are right.
They could easily opt to place this charge ON HOLD until an investigation was completed.
But no they prefer it appears to pin the blame immediately on the person who pays for the bill.
Help me here.
SHOULD O GOVE UP ON PLUS NET with Immediate Effect ?
Phil M

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Re: Its time to run from Plus Net

With reference to your illness and anxiety, I really do understand how you are feeling (physically and mentally) and this added issue isn't going to help things at all. Have you thought about asking one of the members of the health team to help deal with this?


You may have already done some of the following already, but in case you haven't, some of it might help to build your evidence up as I too am currently dealing with a 'guilty until proven innocent' issue (though mine is not related to telephone calls)

Have you checked through the phones call history to see if your phone was actually used to make the call? - if your phone has this ability.

If it was, you would need to ask all of those that have entered your property (including HCP's) around the time the call was made - show them proof of the call using this link -

It could be possible that you have what's called a crossed line, if you dial 147017070 you should be immediately be given the landline phone number associated for your line. Once you have the number, you can hang up the phone. Make a note of it and see if it's your number or not. A crossed line is when your line comes in to contact with another - this should be logged as a fault.

It might be possible that a scammer has gained access to the line itself, if you have any neighbours, see if they too have calls made via their number. This type of crime has been around for some time, but to my knowledge these scammers use premium rate numbers, and according to a newspaper report (from 2015) - source

Alex Bloor, a business manager at Andrews and Arnold, an internet installer, warned that this type of fraud is on the rise and that people or businesses with multiple lines were particularly at risk because more money can be made by duping them.