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Issue changing phone voicemail and caller display

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Registered: ‎11-05-2021

Issue changing phone voicemail and caller display



We have been having an issue with our home phone caller display not working. We have only been using broadband up until now, so this is the first time connecting a home phone at this address.

Our account is showing caller display to be active, however our phone never shows it despite having the feature to do so. I have checked other posts on this forum and tried dialling #234# *#234# to confirm that the service is currently inactive for us and fails to active. Some people have had success switching the feature off and than back on again in the account to update Plusnet's systems, so we have attempted to try this.

I switched it off in our account, along with voicemail as we don't need Plusnet voicemail anymore as the phone has it built in, with the intention of switching caller display back on afterwards. However, a Plusnet representive has closed the ticket (no. 214129346) for the change with the response

"I have checked your account and would like to inform you that your phone and broadband order have been already completed.".

The change itself has not been actioned as requested and now my account is stuck not allowing me to change anything as it gives the error "You cannot make any changes to your account while there is a phone order in progress." on every page, and remained this way for a couple of days now. Unfortunately I can't respond to the ticket as it has been closed, nor can I make a new ticket as the help system sends you in loops and doesn't allow for this situation. Replying to the email also bounces back with a message from Plusnet that they do not read email replies to ticket notifications.

Does anyone know how I can get this fixed so voicemail is disabled and caller display is on and working?

As a extra note, I have checked all the equipment and connections our side and we can make calls and receive calls fine. We did have other issues with our account last year when we moved to this address, where several of our account features (such as Static IP) was not carried over correctly.