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Is home phone included in contract renewal?

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Is home phone included in contract renewal?

Hi everyone, posting on behalf of my mother. She's been offered a new 18-month contract renewal, but it says 'broadband and line rental', with no mention of phone calls, which she also has and says she still needs/wants and so she's unsure if she should accept it. Am I right in thinking the home phone packages are always extra? So she should sign up for this offer (if she wants to) but then add on the phone calls she wants.


I know it sounds obvious, but she doesn't always believe me when I offer my suggestions! 


Thank you!

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Re: Is home phone included in contract renewal?

@chickadee13 If your mother already has a contract and a calls package, the calls package will carry over anyway - the two elements are separate. The BB & line rental is an 18 month one, the calls package one month recurring one.