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Is a Temporary Call plan change possible?

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Is a Temporary Call plan change possible?

Hi there sorry this is my first post so I'm not sure if you can help. I've tried to live chat but the autobot things not allowing me to talk to anyone.

Anyway my query is I've just joined and have no inclusive calls. My mobile has gone up the spout, well I changed my provider but my old mobile was locked to them but they couldn't unlock it!

Its taken a month so far and its still not sorted.

In the meantime Ive been using my landline to call people and have racked up huge bills. I've paid them to keep my service on while my mobiles sorted out.

can I change to another call plan for one month and then revert back to the basic tariff?

I'm a pensioner and haven't got a lot of money to keep spending on the landline but at the moment it is an essential so that I can get help with shopping etc

Hope someone out there can advise

Thank you

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Re: Is a Temporary Call plan change possible?

@ethelandtaz Welcome to the forum.  🙂


If you take out a call plan, it need be no longer than a month.

If you've only just joined, then your problem is going to be that normally call plans don't kick in until your next billing date.

However, in the current Covid crisis, some customers have been able, with staff intervention, to start a plan sooner.

@Gandalf  @BD  @EmilyD  can you assist here?  🤞🏼

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Re: Is a Temporary Call plan change possible?

Hi @ethelandtaz,


I'm sorry to hear that you've been having problems with your mobile service and that this has meant that you've been making more calls than usual. A new call plan can be added to your account at any time but wouldn't go active until the next billing date. Once a call plan has been added to the account, it can be cancelled at any time and would be removed from the line on the next billing date.


There's some further information on our call charges and call plans here. If you decide to change your call plan, this can be done via the member centre here.

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