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Intermittent home phone fault

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Registered: ‎21-07-2013

Intermittent home phone fault

Currently I have noise on the line, and when I make a call the broadband drops.  This has been occuring over the last couple of months.  But not consistently - couple of weeks ago the line was unuseable for voice calls - but when the BT engineer came out, all was clear, and he couldn't find a fault.  Personally, I suspect the problem is weather/wind related, as it's ~ 2km to the cabinet, with tree branches overhanging the line. 
Any ideas what to do - PN just seem to deal with this on an incident-by-incident basis?  Can BT put an monitor on the line to see what's happening?  Or do I need to keep on getting call-outs & hope that the problem and the engineer co-incide?
NB Checked using 2 different phones, using the testsocket, and all that malarkey. 
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Intermittent home phone fault

Hi there,
I can see you've an engineer booked for this afternoon. I'd mention the weather thing, especially the wind which would hint at an issue with the overhead wiring rather than anywhere else - hopefully the engineer will be able to get up there, find it and get it sorted for you. Certainly hope that is the case, please let us know how it goes.