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Incorrect address held by Openreach ?

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Incorrect address held by Openreach ?

When I moved into my flat 5 years ago some places had it listed as Wye Court and some as Rye Court. Rye Court is the correct address. 

We've managed to sort this with Royal Mail address finder, Ordnance Survey etc. but every time I go to change internet provider I have to select Wye Court (incorrect address) as if Rye Court is in the dropdown on the "check availability" it lists it as not having a phone line! I have read that it's Openreach that need to update their records and called them but they say I need to go through my internet provider.

Some internet providers "check availability" have both the incorrect and correct address and some just have the incorrect address.

I've read a few topics on here about people having trouble moving providers, and HarryB has been able to correct Openreach's data using the Openreach Data Integrity (ORDI) robot.
Could anyone check (and possibly fix) the address data for my line too?

Their are only 2 flats at Rye Court so if it could be fixed for both as there is no Wye Court in the town I live in.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Incorrect address held by Openreach ?

Hi @Bellagio,

I'm sorry to hear the records are currently incorrect.

I've raised a ticket on your account regarding this Here.

While I can probably figure out the full correct address from the account and your post, I'll need you to confirm this via your account before I take action on it.

If you could reply via the ticket confirming the correct full address and postcode, I'll get this raised with ORDI Robot as soon as possible for you.

I hope this helps.

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 Harry Beesley