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I wish to make a formal complaint pleasse.

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I wish to make a formal complaint pleasse.

i have apparently been charged £65 following a Fault on my telephone line. I learned of this fault as numerous callers reported they were unable to connect with me. They heard ringing but after a few rings they were cut off.

As I had no evidence of calls being made, no ringing by the telephone, i reported fault to Plusnet.

They tested line. They found a fault.

They said in 48 hours they would fix it.

It was not fixed in 72 hours, and I checked with friends to try and ring me, with no success.

I reported line not fixed.  an employee asked if the BT openreach socket had been checked, i said, no we checked it and fault remained.

An engineer was booked for 13th March.

He came. He did not visit the local exchange first.   He said after about half an hour here nothing wrong with my equipment my internal lines, my apparatus phone, nothing wrong inside house.

He went.

I reported back to Plusnet who told me engineer said had said there nothing wrong  with any of my internal wiring or equipment..

They said they would get him to go to the local exchange.

At some point (I cannnot recall when) the line was restored.

At no point do i think did i not follow Plusnet's own guidance, re line testing, and fault confirmed.  

None of my internal equipment was at fault.

I should not be charged £65 for the engineers visit.  There had been excessive rainfall, floods, and high gales for weeks before and during the fault on my line.   I do not believe it was an internal fault, and Plusnet confirmed twice there was a fault on my line.

Jane Cross

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Re: I wish to make a formal complaint pleasse.

@Beryl78  Welcome to the forum.

Hopefully a Plusnet staffer will pick this up for you . If not then I guess that with no chat and overloaded telephone lines this leaves you writing a letter. See here.

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Re: I wish to make a formal complaint pleasse.

@Beryl78 Thanks for letting us know, I am sorry this has happened. I will look into your account now and will call you within the hour. Smiley

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