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I want to keep my home telephone number

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I want to keep my home telephone number



I just signed up today to switch from Vigin Media to Plusnet ( Broadband and landline). The engineer will come to do the installation on 5/11. I received the email that I was allocated a new telephone number today, I don't really want this, because I want to keep mu current telephone number as I am a senior and it will be very troublesome to inform all the organisation about the changes of the landline number. Can you help with this? Thanks.


William John Cooper

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Re: I want to keep my home telephone number

You will need a Plusnet member of staff to put in a request to import your number from Virgin. Hopefully someone will be along shortly.

Whatever you do don't tell Virgin you are leaving as this can cause problems for Plusnet as they need the Virgin line to be active and not pending cancellation when they put the request in.
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Community Gaffer
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Re: I want to keep my home telephone number

Hi @wjcooper

I'm sorry to see we've placed an order for the installation with a new landline number.

We can either cancel the order and re-place it to import your number at the time the installation's done, but this would delay the engineer visit. Alternatively if you can post back once the engineer's been and gone, we'll place an order to import your number afterwards. With the second option there'll be some overlap where you'll have Virgin Media providing your number and us providing a new number, which may be around 7 to 10 days.

Let me know as soon as possible how you'd like to go ahead or if you've got further queries. Smiley

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