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How to Barr all outgoing International Calls?

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How to Barr all outgoing International Calls?

Hi Everyone,

How do i barr all outgoing international calls please? I have seen loads of posts on call protect and it seems you can only block incoming international calls when i tried it myself. I want to block all outgoing only?





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Re: How to Barr all outgoing International Calls?

Hi Rockyuk

Info taken from here:

Under the heading " how can I block premium content ?"

Premium rate content comes at a price, so sometimes it might be useful to stop phones on your account from being able to access it. Doing this is simple.

Just log into the Member Centre and go to the Home Phone Control Panel.
Select the ‘Call Features’ tab.
Once there, choose ‘Call Barring’. This will then prompt you to create a 4 digit PIN that will allow you to remove any barred numbers in the future.
Click submit, followed by ‘add features’.
Once that’s set up, you can bar specific numbers by dialling the codes below into your phone.

*341# - This will bar almost all calls from your phone
*342# - Bar national and international calls and calls to mobiles
*343# - Bar international calls
*344# - Bar all operator calls
*345# - Bar any numbers with a * or # in them
*347# - Bar calls to premium rate numbers
Call barring will be added within the next 24 hours.

#34 ‘the relevant code i.e.1-7’*PIN# - Cancel call barring
*#34# - Check whether call barring is switched on

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