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Home telephone number changed without notification

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Home telephone number changed without notification

I transferred my broadband, home phone and 2 mobiles to Plusnet from BT to take advantage of a cheaper offering including a gift card (from what I've read on this forum it's highly unlikely that this will be honoured). Because I cancelled my wife's SIM with BT before the end of the 12 month contract I will be charged a £60+ termination fee for that which would have been balanced by the gift card)

The broadband switch was painless, I use my own router so I just had to enter my Plusnet details and I was done.

I checked out my home telephone after the switch and it was still working on the old number so I thought that the switch was complete.

The mobile SIMS still hadn't arrived after 6 days so I called and was told that replacements would be sent..

Because I had entered the PAC codes for our mobiles at the time I ordered the SIMs from Plusnet, the BT SIMs had been deactivated and we could no longer use our mobile phones.

The next day I received the original SIM cards plus another 6 replacement SIM cards!

I put the SIM cards in our mobiles and the only way we could get a signal was to stand by an upstairs window at the back of the house.

I phoned Plusnet support and went through a series of checks on the setup of the mobile phones. We eventually came to the conclusion that the mobile signal wasn't strong enough to be able to use the phones indoors and that 2 features that were available with the BT SIMs and that we had been using with them were not available with the Plusnet SIMs. These were Wi-Fi calling and possibly the use of the lower frequency 4G 800Mhz band (taken from the Freeview TV signal band) which allowed the mobile phone signal to travel further.

The next day I was expecting an important call so I emailed the person to say that my mobile was unreliable and to phone my home number. By 5pm I had not received the call so I checked my mobile which I had left on the window sill in the upstairs back bedroom. I had received a Whatsapp message from my wife who was out to say that our home number wasn't working and was saying that the number was unavailable. Needless to say that I had missed the important call because our phone number had been changed without us being notified.

I have raised a support call to get the original number reinstated. The person I phoned tried to contact provisioning to get it changed back but had to leave a message as they were not contactable. I see that it has appeared on my account as a question so I just hope that this gets actioned.

All in all a disastrous switch.


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Re: Home telephone number changed without notification

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