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Home telephone constantly rings me

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Registered: ‎18-10-2019

Home telephone constantly rings me

Recently my home phone just rings all the time and I have to unplug it and leave it unplugged. Can't make outgoing calls because there's a strange noise on the line.


I have tried unplugging all handsets and using a different handset but that rings continually too.


Is this a BT fault?


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Re: Home telephone constantly rings me

Hi Devon_Mark,

I can be of no help but I will follow with interest. Your fault is identical to my original telephone report first posted here yesterday. The gurus on this forum are helping but the fixes to your fault, in my case, have resulted in new ones, still unresolved.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Home telephone constantly rings me

Hi @Devon_Mark,

I'm sorry that your landline is constantly ringing when a handset is plugged in and for any inconvenience that this is causing you. Thank you for trying different handsets and confirming that the problem isn't internal.

Testing your line has picked up a fault at the exchange and I have raised this to our suppliers for further investigation and their estimated response time is by the 22nd of October. As it's an external fault, this is only an estimate and they'll resolve the fault sooner than this if they're able to. Our faults team will monitor this and will contact you once we receive an update from our suppliers.

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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team