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Home phone still hasn't been ported over!

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Registered: ‎31-07-2018

Home phone still hasn't been ported over!

I moved house on the 15th July and wanted to keep my own telephone number which was already with Plusnet.

I was without telephone or fibre until the 24th July.

On the 24th, my fibre was finally turned on, but my phone line wasn't. The next day I started receiving harassing phone calls on my telephone. On further investigation, I had a working phone line but not in my phone number.

Called Plusnet (again) and they'd forgotten to switch my old number off at my old address and port it to my new address. Promised it would be done, etc etc. They also promised that if they couldn't port my old number (no reason why, same exchange, two mins up the road), they'd assign me a new number so I'd have no more cold calls.

It's the 31st July, I still have someone's old number, I'm still receiving constant cold calls for someone else, I don't have my old number so have probably missed many important calls and I haven't been assigned a new number.

I'm appalled at this. I know for a fact it's literally a two minute job as I worked for many years as a high level account manager for NTL in their provisioning department.

Any advice please before I cancel my contract with Plusnet completely? Thank you.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Home phone still hasn't been ported over!

Hi @mischeefmanaged


I can see that the renumber order has been placed. to try and renumber the line for you. Please leave with with my team and we will monitor this for you. If this order fails, we will chase this for you to try and get the number back.


With regards to not being provided a new number, unfortunately all numbers are recycled numbers now, due to there only being a finite number of telephone numbers. If you haven't heard anything within 48 hours, please let us know on here and we will chase this for you.