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Home from holiday no phone!

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Home from holiday no phone!

As we approached home yesterday lunchtime after a week away we passed the green cabinets. There were two BTOR vans, 2 engineers, both cabinets open and cables everywhere. I jokingly said to my wife "I hope that they have not broken our phone connection again" (it happened a year or so ago). Got home, put the kettle on and switched on the modem. Guess what? No internet, no dial tone - dead! Called Plusnet who did appropriate line tests and confirmed line fault probably at the cabinet. Although helpful they could not offer better that the usual OR 2 working days i.e. next Tuesday. Nightmare prospect - away for a week and no internet on return.
After cup of tea walked round to cabinet. 2 nice guys who had a list of 15-20 numbers not working! Mine was not one of them of course. They added my number to the list and promised to do their best to get things fixed. Service restored 17.45.  Smiley
It appears that a new "shell" had been fitted, this process had resulted in half the village being disconnected (I exaggerate of course).
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Re: Home from holiday no phone!

You were lucky you had a couple of decent engineers and they had a decent line manager, some miserable so & so's might have told you to report it to your CP. Glad it was a quick fix.