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Home Phone still not active

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Home Phone still not active

I signed up to Plusnet on the 19th Dec. I chose the Value broadband package along with line rental with Evening and weekend calls. The broadband and phone line are working as normal. I have an email on the 19th Dec stating that i ordered Value Broadband, Line rental and evenings and weekend calls.
However I have still not been charged for the line rental and the website still says queued to activate. On the 5th of Jan i received an email from plusnet stating "Your Home Phone order has now completed and all details have been updated. You should now be able to make and receive calls."  I also received a text message stating the same. I also received a call from a Plusnet technician informing me that my broadband was setup, i queried him about the calls and he said the home phone could now be used.
My question is are the calls i have made on evenings and weekends since the 5th of Jan going to be free despite the home phone not been active and if not who will i receive a bill from? Will it be BT?
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Re: Home Phone still not active

Hi there,
Your phone has been activated now. Any calls you have made which are within the inclusive allowance will be free, any which aren't will be charged. You should start seeing calls appear within the next 24 hours.