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Home Phone call credit threshold reminder

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Home Phone call credit threshold reminder

I have just received an email to tell me that my phone credit limit is £75 (since I signed up to an unlimited contract I have never heard of this before) and that I have used £6.27 (no period is mentioned).

This leaves £68.73 and on that basis "We suggest that you top-up your Home Phone call credit". Oh, yes?

Then I am invited to "Instead of replying to this email, contact us using Help Assistant", which I do, only to be told that "We're sorry, but you can no longer ask a question through the Help Assistant." Someone needs to get their act together.

I shall not be renewing with Plus Net when my contract runs out (sadly 6 months to go).

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Home Phone call credit threshold reminder

Hi @Batman50 


Thanks for reaching out over forums, the phone credit limit is there to prevent any shock bills when making calls outside of your normal calling package. In this case, what has happened is that you've made calls amounting to £6.27 so this will go over to your next bill. You can check what calls have been made by heading over to your member centre


You can also find more info about phone credit limit here

 Curtis Smith
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Re: Home Phone call credit threshold reminder


"UK Unlimited" does have some limitations... See Plusnet landline call tariffs | Help | Plusnet

UK landline Inclusive at all times
UK mobile and 070 personal numbering services 2000 inclusive minutes to use at any time
Non-geographical (0845 and 0870) Inclusive at all times. Calling cards, indirect access and dial-up Internet numbers are excluded. A fair usage limit of 150 calls or 1000 minutes a month (whichever is reached first) applies.


All inclusive calls are limited to 60 minutes, anything over that will be charged as per the tariff unless you hang up and redial. Mobile and 0845 / 0870 are subject to fair usage as above and excess will be charged.  Other 08 (except 0800) and 09 numbers are excluded from "unlimited", as is 123, which is sometimes abused by BT engineers.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.