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Havent got full phone service yet!!!

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Havent got full phone service yet!!!

I signed up for plus net home phone and broadband, I switched over from another provider. Was told my phone line would be working on Tuesday 25th January, which didnt happen. I then received a text message telling on Wednesday 26th January telling me that my phone line was now ready to use. I can only make outgoing calls, if someone tries to call me they get a message saying "sorry this number is not in service" After calling plus net several times to try and get this matter resolved and got no where. I finally got someone who was helpful and informed me that my number had not been completely released from my previous provider and would be done within 2 hours. This was at 6pm on the Wednesday evening. More that 12 hours later still the same problem, I called back on Thursday 27th January and got told the fault would be passed on yet again, it didnt seem like this person this morning wanted to help me. Im now getting frustrated and wondering when this will actually be resolved or do I have to keep making phone calls to just keep getting told it will be passed on. Unfortunately the person I spoke to on Wednesday night isnt working today  Sad as I feel he was the only person who was willing to help. I am not starting to lose faith. Can anyone help me??????
Another call to faults department as still no one can help. Just been told that the contract for the phone line is a month to month basis, if this is correct im seriously considering moving to another provider if this cannot be resolved very quickly. Tired of listening to the same answer when I call PN!!!!
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Re: Havent got full phone service yet!!!

Locked in favour of,92917 where it was sorted