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Fault waiting to happen

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Fault waiting to happen

Hi I would welcome some advice please.

My phone and broadband  are working fine at the moment. However I noticed the other day something looked odd with the drop wire from the pole across the road, to my house so took some photos with a zoom lens ( see attached).

The wire seems to have split but its still held by the steel cables inside. I feel sure that there will be trouble soon enough. Would Openreach be proactive and repair this now or do i have to wait for the line to fail and be without phone and broadband. I live out in a rural area so mobile phone and data is patchy to say the least - usually non-existent.





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Re: Fault waiting to happen

Assuming the loop is facing downward that's a great place for water to gather then freeze and this will only serve to exacerbate the issue, but I have a feeling you'll need to wait on a failure before it's fixed.

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Re: Fault waiting to happen

Hi @the_groundsman,


Yes I am afraid we cannot raise it as a fault unless it is service affecting which it isn't from what I can see.


Please let us know if anything changes so we can raise it to our suppliers for you.

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Re: Fault waiting to happen

You could report it direct to openreach now

Theres a form and a phone number there depending on your preference