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FAULT - Dis in exchange

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FAULT - Dis in exchange

No dial tone and no broadband since yesterday. The report states 'FAULT - Dis in exchange'. Am I right thinking nothing will be done until Monday? The report does state '1-3 working days' but this is silly really, particularly if you need the connection over the weekend for work. Not very happy at the moment.

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Re: FAULT - Dis in exchange


Hi there

I am sorry to hear that you have a fault. It sounds like you've run a line test online and it's automatically raised a fault to Openreach.

The response time we receive by BT is estimated and subject to engineer availability. I've seen faults be looked into over a weekend before so fingers crossed.

I'll be happy to provide you with an update tomorrow though.


It looks like an engineer has fixed this yesterday for you?

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Re: FAULT - Dis in exchange

I have the same problem since this morning, I already contacted the support team, and they raised a Fault. I'm currently depending on my online status as I do online work as well and this is the second case since I'm a plus net user. I would like to note that im really unhappy with my Internet service. Although the customer support its nice! Hope it's going to be fixed in a few days not like last time tough.
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Re: FAULT - Dis in exchange

Sorry to see there's been an issue.


Most of the time if there's a line fault it will affect broadband too so hopefully this should resolve both issues. 

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