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Error message on my account

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Registered: ‎03-05-2020

Error message on my account


I was looking to add caller identificatifion to my phone account but when I logged on to my account, it is showing "an error with my account" but I have no idea what this might be. I've also received an email saying that Plusnet have removed my voicemail and plusnet call protect but I haven't asked for this.


The error message is requesting me to call customer services but I'm 93 years old and can't call customer services as I'm hard of hearing and they won't speak to my nephew (my next of kin) on my behalf.

What I need is 

1) the error on my online account to be removed

2) reinstatement of voicemail and plusnet call protect

3) addition of caller identification

4) to find out how I can add my nephew or niece as someone able to speak on my behalf (we thought this had be done but can't remember) 


Hoping someone from Plusnet sees this and can assist please.