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Early Termination Charges Unfair

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Early Termination Charges Unfair

I have been a faithful user of for both phone and broadband but have always found the phone charges are extortionate. The only reason I use the landline is because I am disabled and depend on it only for my Careline and that's it or very rarely if at all the odd phone call, I mainly use my mobile phone for all calls as it's at a cheaper rate and is always at my side. After letting know about my disabilities and limited use of the phone service I did ask if there was any discount line charges, and did not get any response. SO I checked with BT and they do offer a lower landline price for people in my situation but would have to pay full price £19.99 for the first month then I can sign up for this discount at just £5.10 per month and that actually includes some phone call allowance and is perfect for what I's the real issue with

My contract is ending 27th November so I have had to transfer my phone service to BT slightly early, on 11 November because if I waited until the 27th then it would have taken up to two weeks to transfer which is why I am leaving on the 11th. BUT in their wisdom are now charging me £11.61 for the privilege which I find totally UNFAIR. I am not using for my broadband after the 27th November because I have just joined Virgin and I am very happy, because didn't offer me any offers to stay, they won't even cancel my BT sports app until I leave and the guy I spoke to was very arrogant to say the least  because I dared to say I had moved over to Virgin. If I could have I would have cancelled everything because of the attitude of one member of staff, but this would have just cost me even more leaving fees.

So all in all, I feel as though are not "doing me proud" at all and I am very annoyed and upset to have treated this way, so beware my disabled people, this is how we are treated! At the very least I want these charges dropped and not hidden in their T&C's and to have a heart and respect their customers wishes and if they can, just end my contract slightly early without any penalties given this situation. I WON'T HOLD MY BREATH FOR A "DO ME PROUD" MOMENT.   

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I assume that you have paid for the month up to 27 November, Therefore, as I understand it, your final bill will be for your early termination charges less a rebate for the part month where you are no longer receiving plusnet services (11 - 27 November), plus any call charges incurred up until you leave.

If the £11.61 you quote is the early terminiation charge in accordance with Plusnet's T & Cs then that will be reduced considerably by the rebate which is for about half a month unless you have a lot of call charges to pay, which your post suggests that you will not.

Plusnet can really only present the final bill after you have left (the date may yet move a bit) and, from what has been said elsewhere on these forums, that can take up to 28 days to appear. They would usually take the final amount or pay the rebate via your Direct Debit (if that is how you pay your bill) and so it is best if you do not cancel that until the dust finally settles.

Perhaps a Plusnet rep can confirm what I i have said or correct it.

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Re: Early Termination Charges Unfair

Hi @TigerStar, thanks for getting in touch and I'm sorry to hear of the experience you've had when transferring your service recently. If your contract period ends on 27th of November but your transfer to another provider has been arranged for the 11th then there will indeed be early termination fee's. By all means had you requested the transfer date take place on the 27th then these early termination fee's could have been avoided.

As @jgb has pointed out however, as we charge customers ahead for the month of service you would have already covered the costs of your service until the 27th meaning on your final fee's calculation you will be refunded back the service you've paid for but didn't receive due to the mid month transfer of services.Where the final fee's/refund would equate to more than the £11.61 early termination fee's I can't confirm I'm afraid as there as call charges and such which can very the final bill. Once your account is transferred over the final fee's would be calculated within the following 21 days and an email confirmation sent regarding how much is owed by yourself or from us to you as a refund.

The level of service you've advised you received when querying the cancellation of your services however doesn't sound like the high level of customer support we look to aim to provider here at  Plusnet and I'm sincerely sorry if this has left a sour taste at the end of your journey with us. I'll certainly make sure this is looked into internally and that feedback is passed on accordingly where needed. Keep a look out in the coming days for your final fee's notification and we wish you all the best with your new providers moving forwards.

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Re: Early Termination Charges Unfair

As far as I can see Plusnet have simply followed the terms and conditions to which you agreed. In fact any termination fees after subtracting the rental that you have paid up front will be next to nothing. 

I’m not sure that playing your disabled card is relevant in these circumstances. You obviously qualify for the subsidised BT basic service, which BT are obliged to run at a loss. However you say that you are transferring your broadband to Virgin. Maybe you have access to a cheaper deal but the cheapest that I can see on their web site comes out at £30 per month for the first 12 months. Adding on £5.10 for BT basic gives us £35.10 per month.

I would be astonished if with a gentle bit of haggling that Plusnet could not beat that for phone plus the nearly equivalent standard fibre.

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