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Don't want to block Premium & International, just Premium

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Don't want to block Premium & International, just Premium

The description for the free call baring option on my line says it blocks both premium & international calls, but what happens when you only want to block premium but NOT international calls?

I have family abroad and while I very seldom call them from my landline I would like to retain this ability, but also block any premium calls (made by accident or other people).  Any way to do this?



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Re: Don't want to block Premium & International, just Premium

Hi there.

That should be perfectly fine, you'd just configure the service differently.

Once you've added the call feature, I'd follow the guide below to configure it.

How to bar all calls to the phone:

  • Barring - Dial * 261 #
  • Cancelling- Dial # 261 #
  • Check status - Dial * # 261 #


How to bar calls from your phone

  • Barring  - Dial * 34 code #
  • Cancelling - Dial # 34 code * PIN #
  • Check status -Dial - * # 34 #

1 - Bar almost all calls including 1571 and Call minder – cancelling this option also cancels any other options you've barred.
2 - Bar national, international, and calls to mobiles
3 - Bar international calls
4 - Bar all operator calls, e.g. 118 numbers
5 - Bar calls to numbers with a * or # in them (includes some Calling Features, but allows you to cancel this option)
7 - Bar calls to Premium Rate numbers.


In your case it sounds like you'd want to dial * 34 7 #


Hope this helps.

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