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Dodgy wiring?

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Dodgy wiring?

Hi, I've been bothered by this for a while but I wondered if anyone could give me an informed opinion!  Our phone line enters the house from an overhead cable above our front door, which stops working when the weather is inclement.  The wiring just about makes it into the house to a junction box we put in when we had the room replastered, then runs from there a cable runs across the front room and into the cellar (at the top of the stairs down).  Here there is a NTL badged (master?) socket, from which an extension reel runs through to our living room where the router, TV, etc are set up!  The setup bothers me.  Should it be like this or should we have things fixed?  And how do we do that?  The broadband is generally ok (I'm getting 36.5MB/S at the moment).  I don't know if things would be better if they were less Heath Robinson...?

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Re: Dodgy wiring?


Yes, it does sound a bit of a hotch-potch.

I wonder if you have managed to trace where the water/damp is having an effect.Is it reaching the master socket for example?

There are usually quite a number of ex-BT technicians who advertise in local papers and ad. magazines who will happily take on a job like this, and it would certainly improve your broadband connection reliability and probably speed too.

Good luck