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Disgraceful service

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Disgraceful service



Your adverts say that you have excellent customer service. That's why I moved from TalkTalk to Plusnet. Here is whats happened over the past few days:

BT have come, changed lines. No more internet in the house.
a) Your application process did not mention that I would be out of internet for an indeterminate amount of time. HOW LONG???
b) I have no idea who I am in contract to at the moment? WHO AM I MEANT TO BE COMPLAINING TO RIGHT NOW? 
c) Have you disconnected my old provider and I am still paying for that service? HOW MUCH AM I PAYING FOR NON-SERVICE?
d) My phone number has changed. No communication from you that would suggest that you would do that. The presumption is that this would be ported automatically from the old provider. I WOULD NOT HAVE MOVED IF I HAD KNOWN THIS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO FIX THIS?
e) The only way I can call you is on my mobile phone which I have tried on numerous occasions and the wait time is so long that my phone is cutting off the call. That's why I moved in the first place. 


Impact: Impossible for us at home to use mobile phones because of poor reception, VOIP and Mobile over internet used, kids can't do homework, family (including infirm parents) can't call us because the number has changed, we also have poor TV reception so rely on catchup services like BBC - hence no TV either. 


I expect to be called, immediately by a human being who can answer my questions. Or else I am going to Offcom.


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Re: Disgraceful Service

Also there is no way to add my wife to the account online, so she can't call you and wait the indeterminate amount of time to get hold of you.

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Re: Disgraceful Service

The real problems lie with the 'heritage' monopoly OPENREACH, the old engineer/physical apparatus wing of BT, still maintaining a total stranglehold over any repairs, etc, with no competition.


When the industry was privatised and service contracts were issued to these various companies like Plusnet, govt failed to deal with the 'physical maintenance' aspects, thus Openreach now act like the Red Army - unaccountable, laughing at the customers of the 'sub' service provider companies. The customer has to go through their service provider.


A major flaw.


See my thread about all the probs I have been having. Plusnet ARE rapidly going downhill, with regard to their call centre quality, but Openreach are the primary villains, in my opinion!