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Dialling Tone suddenly disappeared but Internet OK

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Dialling Tone suddenly disappeared but Internet OK

This afternoon my Mother's Assistance Alarm unit suddenly started bleeping. Picking up a phone revealed a 'dead' line, i.e. no Dialling Tone. However the Internet connection is fine. Mysterious! I called Plusnet and spoke to an agent who checked with Openreach and found that there was a line fault. As my Mother's Assistance Pendant is useless without the phone-line, PN raised the matter as a 'Welfare Issue' so, hopefully, it will be resolved pretty quickly. As things are it means that I cannot safely leave the house as Mum could, perhaps fall etc. and be unable to summon Assistance. As the assistance alarm provider's agent said, such a facility is a 'Lifeline'.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Dialling Tone suddenly disappeared but Internet OK

Hi Mike, thanks a lot for taking my call juts now. 


I'm glad to see that all the right processes have been followed to get this looked at as a welfare case for you. 


As promised I've handed the details over to one of my colleagues to check for updates tomorrow and give you a call. 



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 Adam Walker
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