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Crackly Line and No Customer Support

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Registered: ‎08-08-2020

Crackly Line and No Customer Support

Why does customer support not answer the phone, Twitter, Facebook and tickets???

Have had a very noisy line for about 10 days. Followed all the technical support guidance but still line is crackling.

Unable to get through on phone. Messaged via Twitter as per the support page. Ticket raised and still no contact from Plusnet.

This is apalling customer support!!!!!!

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Re: Crackly Line and No Customer Support

Ther is one major test you can do if you are sure your own home phone is not at fault. You can check its function at a neighbours fault free socket. Once you are are assured of this and have a modern master socket, unscrew the two screws, this will release the bottom section of the master phone socket. Plug your phone into the socket behind this and dial 17070, select option 2 and put your phone on mute. If you hear any noise at all this indicates a fault on the line and will need to be attended to by the line provider, Plusnet, who will then raise a problem with openreach. Hopefully someone from PN will be in touch soon.