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Crackling on Landline

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Crackling on Landline

My phone line is crackling and has been for some time , I bought a new BT Decor 2200 phone but this has made no difference so I unpluged the BT master socket and connected to the internal socket to see if it was better, it made no difference to the crackling. I then found the plusnet line checker ,this said there was a line fault, as I checked with only the new phone connected and I could hear the crackles I can’t see that there is an internal house fault after the BT socket. Is it possible that it could be looked into please.Broadband is working fine.

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Re: Crackling on Landline

Hi @Grhmeh 

Try a 17070 option 2 quiet line test too, so you can hear the noise without any dial tone.

Sounds like you are right, and there is a fault outside your property. You'd need to raise this to BT Wholesale.

You've already tried the test socket, so it will be a fault.

This has happened to me in the past. The engineer was very good and did something outside my house and got it fixed in around half an hour.

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Re: Crackling on Landline

@Grhmeh To follow from your post and @Alex 's comment, it appears the system has picked up an external fault try checking your open questions in 'My Account' - there should be one which will have been created as a result of your action on the line checker.

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Re: Crackling on Landline

Log into the Member Centre and have a look here -

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