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Crackling noise on phone line

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Crackling noise on phone line

I have a bad crackling noise on my phone line. I have tried different phones and tested these in the test socket and run a quiet line test and it's still there.


I tried your phone troubleshooter but it's not working for me, it stops working during the line test and says oops something went wrong.


This is also causing lose of internet connection.



Can you look into this for me. It would appear the issue started last Thursday evening.

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Re: Crackling noise on phone line

Why not give them a ring of get onto chat and report  fault - good chance it will need an engineer to come out - and you are likely to get a quicker response that on here on a Bank Holiday weekend.

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Re: Crackling noise on phone line

Hi there @dg06 I am sorry to hear you're having problems with your line. I can see an engineer identified and fixed a problem this morning. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further issues.

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