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Cost of line rental

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Cost of line rental

Have essential fibre broadband and anytime calls.
Just received email for renewal of  LRS at £14.99/month or £137.88/annum. New customers are offered line rental at £14.50/month or £131.88/annum.
Do PlusNet treat new customers better than existing customers just like insurance companies etc.?
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Re: Cost of line rental

Line rental at £14,99 per month is for those who had their phone product before 8th May 2013 and haven't changed it since and includes evening and weekend calls. Evening and weekend calls are retained if line rental saver is taken. Anytime and Anytime International 300 calls cost £4.50 and £6.50 per month respectively.
Line rental at £14.50 is the current product that includes weekend calls only. Taking line rental saver with this product covers the line only (no inclusive calls). It costs £1.50 per month extra to add evening and weekend calls. Anytime and Anytime International 300 calls cost £5.00 and £7.00 respectively.
So with an Anytime call plan both line rental products cost the same (apart from 1p).
Hope this reassures you.