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Charged for calls while on holiday

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Charged for calls while on holiday

Oh dear I have been a customer for many years and only having my first real problem.  To say it is a nightmare to get help is an understatement.  I tried the phone and was advised 30 minute - now that is just not acceptable.  Then I tried the online chat and was advised I was no 13 in the queue (how long that would take no idea).  I then started searching for an email address to drop my problem to.  I have wasted time on this when a simple statement such as 'There is no email help with Plusnet' could have stopped me in my tracks.  I can then decide whether I can to stay with a supplier that does not value me or just cancel my direct debit and wait for someone to make contact with me.  

I see there is some help offered on the forum and this is now my last opportunity to try and solve the problem.



 I was on holiday from 26 September and note there is calls made from our phone when no one is here.  Costly calls to an 0333... number     Would appreciate your help with the calls made 26 September until 5 October when we returned.

Fingers crossed

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Re: Charged for calls while on holiday

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Re: Charged for calls while on holiday

0333 numbers cost the same as any other 03 (or 01 / 02) number made outside of your call plan.

Have you identified the called number?

You should check that your line is correctly connected (crossed lines are not unheard of) by dialling 17070 to confirm that the number is correct and also ring your own number from a mobile to,check that your phone rings.

If there are any issues, you need to raise a phone fault report and be pataient about it.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Charged for calls while on holiday

Did you leave your keys with anybody ? If so, have you asked them whether they used the phone? A lot of people have inclusive calls and might assume that you had the same -so calls would be "free"Wink

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Re: Charged for calls while on holiday

I've tested your line in case it's crossed with another line and that hasn't flagged anything.

Our suppliers records are also showing the call as having being made from your line,

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