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Charge for Open Reach visit.

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Registered: ‎01-01-2021

Charge for Open Reach visit.

In October our phone line developed a fault. I contacted Plusnet three times to arrange an engineer visit. When he eventually arrived he said that the problem wasn't to do with us. We were later informed that there would be a charge of £65 because the engineer had been unable to gain access to our property. I had a LONG chat with customer services who agreed that the charge should not have been levied. 

The problem with the phone line occurred again in December. This time it took SEVEN phone calls (and no land line for 14 days) before an engineer arrived to correct the fault- again, he agreed the problem was not ours.

However, the charge for not gaining access has reappeared on our bill. 

I rang customer services, but was bluntly told that nothing could be done and the £65 had to be paid- end of story. The engineer had reported it and that was that.

Also, we have received no compensation for the loss of our landline.

Can anyone help, please?