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Change HomePhone = change in contract = cancel?

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Change HomePhone = change in contract = cancel?

I joined PlusNet recently, and I chose them over O2 because of the free international calls. A couple of weeks in and those get taken away.
The small print gives us an ability to cancel our contracts because of this:
"If we have made a change which is to your material disadvantage, you will not have to pay a charge (excludes any charges or payments we have deferred) if you decide to end your agreement early, unless the price guide says otherwise. However, once we have told you about such a change, you must let us know that you want to end the agreement within 10 days"
Has anyone tried this? What does "unless the price guide says otherwise" mean?
And any view as this includes cancelling accompanying broadband?
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Re: Change HomePhone = change in contract = cancel?

Broadband contract is 10 days notice anyway so I don't see that as being an issue.
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