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Can't Find Phone Wire!

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Can't Find Phone Wire!

Hello forum,

First time posting...please be gentle with me...

I live in a basement flat in a large house in London. I have Plusnet fibre broadband. Should be getting 75-80 Mbit/s download speeds but I'm not.

There's something odd about the phone wiring in my flat. There doesn't seem to be a master socket. I've got 5 phone sockets but none of them are master sockets. I've plugged my broadband router into one of them, and it works, but the speeds are a disappointing.

Had an Openreach phone engineer visit this morning. He found the point where the phone line enters the main building upstairs from me. There's a cupboard up there which has some kind of junction box in there - sending 11 phone lines to the 11 flats. My flat is immediately below this cupboard and the phone line for my flat goes vertically down from there.

Unfortunately I can't find where the phone line comes into my flat.

The engineer's best guess was that the builder who did this place about 16 years ago did a botch job with the phone wiring - he called it "star wiring" - and reckoned that all the wiring could be hidden behind a wall somewhere. He looked everywhere but he couldn't find anything.

I've got in touch with the property management company that takes care of the building as a whole, to see if they know anything about how the place is wired, who did it, when etc. but I'm not expecting them to be able to help.

Failing that, what should I do to try to trace the wiring? I'm hoping there's an easy way without me having to knock lots of holes in lots of walls etc.

If I can find where the main wire comes into the property, I guess I could get the engineer out to fit me a proper master socket, but until I find the wire, there's no point in him coming!

Many thanks,


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Re: Can't Find Phone Wire!