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Can not keep original landline number despite previous guarantees.

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Can not keep original landline number despite previous guarantees.

Prior to joining PlusNet I was told, after a quick check by the advisors I happened to speak to at the time, that I'd definitely be able to keep my current landline number. This was also reiterated upon joining (this was one of the reasons I opted to join, for it had been one of the criteria...). Not only has this has not been the case, it has taken over a month to establish this. I consider this unacceptable - was I lied to to gain my custom?

PlusNet's FAQ's state:

Can I keep my current phone number?

Whenever possible we'll try and keep your current phone number. However, in some cases we can't transfer numbers. If you can't keep your number we'll let you know before you switch to us.

This didn't happen. I have not made anyone aware of my new number as I expected my previous number to be reinstated shortly. It is now probable I have missed medical appointments for my children as a result of this.

In addition to all of this I have received exclusively poor customer service from PlusNet in the short time I have been with them.


Please investigate and advise if there is any further action either yourselves can take, or I can take personally, to retrieve my previous landline number. Failing this please advise how you wish to proceed with this issue.






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Re: Can not keep original landline number despite previous guarantees.

Hello there.

Sorry to hear your phone number was changed.


I believe this is in hand with a line manager who will be contacting you shortly. I've just had a short discussion with them, and we've requested Openreach to import your phone number to the BT network so we can renumber your line.


Apologies for the inconvenience caused.



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