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Caller ID/Display

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Caller ID/Display

I appreciate this subject has been aired before. In my case, I transferred my line to Plusnet from BT and ticked the box for Caller Display. This was acknowledged. The transfer took place on 9th January, but no Callers have been displayed. I dialled #234# and the message said this feature was not available. Trying to contact Plusnet has been virtually impossible due to heavy demand. Could someone on the Team please get this sorted out? Any suggestions from the Community would be appreciated as well. 

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Re: Caller ID/Display

This seems to be a common failure when migrating from another provider. I had the same issue when I moved from talktalk to plusnet , but a kind member of staff on the forum soon got the problem sorted. Hang tight and a member of staff should pick up this tread tomorrow. Keep us informed
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Re: Caller ID/Display


Welcome to the community forums @dih48

I'm sorry to hear your caller display isn't working. It doesn't look like the call features that are showing on your account are actually enabled on your phone line itself, so I've placed an order with Openreach to sort that out.


It should be working within a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Caller ID/Display

I can't believe a basic feature like caller ID is a chargeable extra on Plusnet!

I've never had a landline before. My Plusnet home broadband/phoneline was finally activated over the weekend and I'm slowly discovering the small annoyances that are probably familiar to everyone else. Caller ID is a basic feature which I thought would come as standard. Apparently it's 99p extra a month. Why?! Even PAYG mobile phones have this as a free feature.