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Caller Display (Caller ID) number formatted badly

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Caller Display (Caller ID) number formatted badly

I have the Caller Display service on my account but numbers shown on our caller display:

Often have a dash '-' after the area code and in some cases have a space in the number. This causes problems with the phones call blocking and phonebook.

I took the phone back to the shop and got a replacement but it gets the numbers wrong in exactly the same way so it is not the phone. Incoming numbers are consistently wrong - i.e. the same number is always wrong in the same way - it is not random.

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Re: Caller Display (Caller ID) number formatted badly

Are these numbers nuisance calls and/or from known contacts; UK or international?


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Re: Caller Display (Caller ID) number formatted badly

All sorts. I think the only one showing correctly was an international one. There is usually a break between the area code and the rest of the number and for a call I got from Manchester UK there were two breaks - after the 0161 what seems to be a dash and then after the next 3 digits a space. I got a new phone because my old call blocker stopped working. I don't know if it stopped working for the same reason. The numbers did look odd on it but I assumed the LCD screen was broken. I also got the phone replaced - it is a Vesta 1305 but the replacement has exactly the same problem. I guess it might be the model of phone simply doesn't work because it is cheap but I find it hard to imagine a company could promote a phone as supporting caller display and call blocker if it doesn't work at all.

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Re: Caller Display (Caller ID) number formatted badly

If someone you know called you, a neighbour or friend, you could then tell if their number displayed correctly.  CLI (Caller Display) works by sending the number of the caller to you, but if it's a business they can "spoof" CLI numbers, and they can sometimes show up badly on handsets. 

Just a thought. 

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