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Call features - Voicemail Removed? I didn't ask for that!

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Registered: ‎10-10-2020

Call features - Voicemail Removed? I didn't ask for that!

OK so we have been getting a lot of nuisance calls lately from outside the UK, so I thought I would enable Plusnet protect on our home phone package to see that would help getting rid of them.

The first issue that I had is that on the call features web page you cannot scroll down to see all the features. I was able to get around this by changing the zoom on the page to 50% so that everything that was hidden could then be seen.

Anyway, I clicked the tick to enable Plusnet protect and then pressed the add features button. All sorted I thought.

But then a few minutes later I get an email to say that my voicemail will be removed from my call package? I definitely did not ask for that. And now when I go back into my account I cannot re-enable it because there is an open order on my account?

Seems like a website issue but any ideas How this can be fixed?