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Call extras not activated

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Call extras not activated

Trying to get this resolved via online acc page messaging but not getting much luck. I requested call protect as an extra but voice mail was deactivated as part of the request.?. Both are now at the status of awaiting activation. Been like this for over a week. Has anyone else has similar problems and what I can possibly do to get resolved. I would call but it’s taking ages to get through at the moment and was hoping opening up a message on acc would resolve. No such luck. 

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Re: Call extras not activated

Yeah, I have the same problem, been awaiting activation for 11 days now.

I have sent them several messages they they either ignore them or give a standard answer which not answer the question (ie) yesterday after chasing them again, they replied it can take up to 72 hours to activate the features. I had already told them it has been awaiting activation for 240 hours !!!





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Re: Call extras not activated

Thanks for your posts. I'm sorry to see what's happened.

@Switched I've placed an order with our suppliers to activate voicemail and Call Protect which should be ready to use within 2 hours. Please note your account will show them as active immediately but this will not be the case and I'd recommend not making further changes in your account until the call features are working. 

@spudruddock The same for you but Call Barring as part of the order and it can take up to 24 hours. 

Let us know if there are further issues or anything else you'd need help with.

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