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Call divert?

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Registered: ‎07-04-2020

Call divert?

Hi. My granddad is a new customer of Plusnet, currently its been One week. we have had quite a few initial problems getting the line up and running, which all now appear to be sorted, except One last issue.

For our whole time with Plusnet all incoming calls are diverted to my mobile. I have rang customer support every day for about Four or Five day now, and still no resolution. People keep telling me they have removed it, and it will be working normally within a few hours. 

He is an elderly vulnerable person with health issues, and this is leaving him more isolated in this current situation than he needs to be.

The line is fine, and this problem still happens regardless of what handset i plug into the line (tried 3), and even happens while there is no phone lugged in at all, so definitely not a handset issue.

I've spoken to god only knows how many tech support people, all very nice, but no actual help.


I appreciate that at the moment resources are stretched, but seriously, this should be a pretty simple fix!


The latest tech support person told me this morning, that there was no call divert in place, but it definitely still is.

I cannot leave an 87 year old without access to a phone, that was the whole reason we switched from Virgin, but so far are not really any better off!

Does anyone have any advice please? 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Call divert?

Hi @bzdkp,


I'm very sorry that calls to your grandfather's landline are diverting to your mobile and for the inconvenience that this is causing during this difficult time. It's odd that this is happening despite you being told that the feature had been removed.


Please can you send me the account username over on a private message? If you don't have the username to hand, you can send the landline number that's linked to the account instead. If you comment on this post once you've done that, we'll pick this back up and look into this issue for you.

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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team