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Call Protect - One Step Behind

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Call Protect - One Step Behind

I love the Call Protect facilty, and have enjoyed a peaceful few months, but now I'm getting increasing numbers of calls where a false number has been 'spoofed': two today! These nusiance calls evade Call Protect and get through.
Is BT/Plusnet proposing to do anything to stop calls with invalid numbers getting though?
Maybe the answer is just a simple Call Protect option to block all calls unless the caller's number appears on my 'whitelist'?

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Re: Call Protect - One Step Behind

You may well find that rejecting all callers, but those on your whitelist - a step too far, if the caller isn't offered some means to get through. My BT8500 phone set can do the block all, but those on the whiteliist, except the caller can bypass it by saying their name and then pressing #. Without that facility, important calls from hospitals, doctors, dentists and maybe the police etc. would be unable to get through at all. Only rarely (one call in the past 18 months) has a nuisance caller bothered to say their name and press # to get through the filter, so it is very effective indeed.


Most of the agencies mentioned above, are used to such caller filters and handle them fine.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Call Protect - One Step Behind

Hello @blairjones

Sorry to hear the nuisance calls have increased, and we really appreciate your feedback which I will pass onto the relevant team to look into.

At this point if the calls are increasing I would look at registering with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) service or as harrym1byt suggested BT guardian to reduce them further. 


Should the calls become too excessive, then we can change your number but would only suggest this as a final resort.



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