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Billed for a Premium number I've not dialled.

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Billed for a Premium number I've not dialled.


I have just noticed I've been billed for an 09037 number on my latest bill.  £3.34 for a 54 second call.  





I know it was not dialled for a couple of reasons,  firstly because I am VERY aware of premium rate numbers and there is simply no way I'd even consider dialling an "09" number, on ANY phone. 

And secondly, we hardly ever use the phone!  literally a handful of calls in a year, less than 5?  


Thirdly, I remember the day clearly, As you can see the 'call' is sandwiched between two rare calls I DID make to the Inland revenue,  I called them once, waited on hold,  then hung up,  then tried again a few minutes later.  I can put my life on the fact that there is no way that call was placed on my phone.   


A quick google of the number shows that this is a 'scam' number, and many people were stung for far more than the £3.34. that I was stung for.  

 My concern is not so much about the £3.34 - but the fact that this charge was able to be 'raised' without any action at my end, Will it happen again, and cost more?  




Can anyone shed any light on how this may have happened?  And given that we barely use the phone, is is there any way of blocking premium rate calls to be doubly sure? 


Thanks for your help in advance. 

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Billed for a Premium number I've not dialled.

Hi Zoidster, I am sorry to hear about this, I have had a chance to check your phone usage and I can see it is limited, I am happy to refund the £3.34 that you were charged for this call as a goodwill gesture and I hope that this is an isolated incident, If it were to happen again on the account please let us know as would have to investigate it fully for you.