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Being charged for evening/weekend calls?

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Being charged for evening/weekend calls?

I seem to be getting charged for evening/weekend calls to landlines, despite being on the "Evening and Weekends Included" package that should cover them? 
There was an issue whereby my phone wasn't marked as active, which was only resolved yesterday; I'm guessing this could be a hangover from that?
Here's some examples (there's quite a lot more):
25/10/2015 01407xxxxxx 22:14:07 00:01:00   £0.26
15/10/2015 01286xxxxxx 21:16:17 00:01:00   £0.26
10/10/2015 01352xxxxxx 20:28:04 00:54:00   £5.56
01/10/2015 01286xxxxxx 21:11:07 00:01:00   £0.26
Some clarification would be great, as we're pretty close to the credit limit as a result.
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Re: Being charged for evening/weekend calls?

Just ring them or do an online chat and they'll fix it.
Seems to be a standard problem with new accounts along with being put on the wrong profile etc etc. Shouldn't happen but they will fix it straight away if you contact them.