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BT open reach

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BT open reach

Can someone let me know if they also find it unacceptable that it’s taken over 4 weeks to get a line fixed! We are at a loss for words. Surely someone at Plusnet should be pushing for BT to complete the work rather than let them turn up dig a hole disappear for a week come back fill it in and another week later open it up again!! They don’t turn up at the house when arranged. This looks bad on Plusnet so why are we having to battle and wait for over 45 mins on the phone to only be sent a message to say we can’t get an update from BT until tomorrow. We’ve only just moved to Plusnet and are still not up and running.
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Re: BT open reach

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Re: BT open reach

Hi @Hufflepuff


I am really sorry that you have been experiencing issues getting connected.


I have had a look through the detailed note provided by our suppliers relating to the installation and the original engineer completed work required at the cabinet and exchange to provide a service but had detected a fault in the line to your address between your home and the cabinet.


To repair a fault like this we require a contractor to come and dig the area to allow an Openreach engineer access to replace a section of cabling. Once this work is complete and the contractor has been back, we must wait for confirmation that they have successfully completed their work. We are currently awaiting confirmation from the contractor that they have completed their work and the site is now safe which we are expecting today but have been advised to contact our suppliers tomorrow.


I do understand how frustrating it is to see that there is work occurring outside and you are still unable to connect and I am so sorry that you have had such a wait to get through to our Order Updates Team to enquire about progress. We are working with our suppliers to get this sorted as soon as we physically can.


We will be able to give you more information once we have the updates from them tomorrow.


If you have any further questions we are here to help in the meantime.


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Re: BT open reach


BT Openreach still operate as though they are an untouchable nationalised industry.  No urgency on doing anything proactive, always passing the blame to someone else and incapable of lying straight in bed!  Seen it time and again, no ownership of anything.

All that an ISP can do is to keep pushing and checking, but it there's a "next update in 5 days" status, BTOR will not even speak with the ISP.

Personally I have found that a stonking letter of complaint to the CEO of BT Openreach has some beneficial effect … Ticked_off

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.