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BT new Textservice NGTS

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BT new Textservice NGTS

Hi I am thinking of using BT NGT Text service, as I am profoundly deaf, I wondered what the call charges would be, I am on an all calls tariff.
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Re: BT new Textservice NGTS

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You don't pay any extra for using NGT. Calls are charged at your telecommunications provider's standard call rates. All NGT Lite calls use both a voice call and an internet connection. The call is charged to the telephone number you've made the voice call from so, if you've got a package with inclusive calls or a call allowance, relay calls should fall within it. You might want to check this with your communication provider.
You'll also need an internet connection to fully benefit from the text relay service. You can use a broadband, wi-fi, 3G or 4G connection. The NGT Lite uses very little data and shouldn't have much impact on any data allowances.

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Do I still get a rebate for using the service?
All telephone service providers must offer a rebate scheme to people who use a relay service because they are hearing or speech impaired. This will not change using the NGT. You need to contact your telephone service provider for details of the rebate scheme they provide.
What happens if I have free weekend calls or a similar package?
Calls made via the NGT should be charged in the same way as any other geographic or mobile call but you may want to check with your telephone service provider.

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