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BT OpenReach Line Rental increase - it's OFCOM's fault

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BT OpenReach Line Rental increase - it's OFCOM's fault

I stumbled across this when looking for something else -
BT said:
We have also made some other price changes, including increasing line rental by £1. Ofcom has reviewed the costs for [Openreach] lines and as a result are proposing an increase in line rental charges. This is likely to put up line rental prices for most companies. However, the majority of BT customers can save £1.25 by opting for paper-free billing.

So Ofcom have reviewed Openreach costs Huh
What a joke, the prices should be coming down - no it's no joke. If they'd done the job properly they would have realised how inefficient OpenReach can be and forced them to get their house in order.
The best example of this that we see all to often, time and time again on our forums where users have a (generally) well documented intermittent or ongoing problem -
Openreach "engineers" sitting at a customer premises for "upto 2 hours" just looking at their Lappies and finding "no fault". Instead of course getting their hands dirty - remaking all the joints in cabs and dp's and fully testing (or changing) that part of the potentially dodgey pair between premises and the exchange. In some of the more extreme examples we've heard of - 4 or 5 "engineer" visits, and a lot of cases where the subsequent visit has no knowledge or detail of the previous one.
The record of OFCOM and its predecessor is clear IMHO - it has NEVER properly looked after consumer interests, only that of industry and in more recent times  - government.
It seems to me that the time has come for some serious complaints to and about OFCOM (ie also to MP's, ministers., etc - a media campaign even?).
It's about time that this quango was replaced by something representative of Industry AND consumers and unable to be manipulated by goverment (without changes in legislation).
I'm beginning to wonder who actually pays their bonuses wages.
It's unfortunate and likely that PN will be ultimately forced to raise prices on economic grounds.
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Re: BT OpenReach Line Rental increase - it's OFCOM's fault

[Moderator's note by Jim (Oldjim)  Locked in favour of this existing thread,73228.0.html as hopefully it won't affect Plusnet home phone customers ]