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Answerphone incompatible with my phone line?

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Answerphone incompatible with my phone line?

Since December 2014 I have had a Siemens Gigaset CS3 answerphone which worked well.  On 4th September I purchased a Siemens Gigaset E550A answerphone from LiGo Electronics Ltd.

The telephones work fine but I have a problem with the answering machine.  If a call is made to my home and the telephone is not picked up the answering machine plays the announcement asking the caller to leave a message after the tone. The tone then sounds but before there is a chance to say anything the call is disconnected, the dialling tone sounds in the caller’s phone and no message can be recorded.

I reset the base but it made no difference.

I took the answerphone to my daughter’s house and connected it to her phone line but the same thing happened when a call was made to the answerphone.

Changing the message length makes no difference.

I tried using a different cable to connect the answerphone to the telephone socket but this made no difference.

LiGo Electronics kindly allowed me to send the answerphone back to them.  They sent a replacement answerphone to me but the same problem occurs whenever someone tries to leave a message on the answerphone.

I reinstalled my old Gigaset answerphone (which had previously been working fine) and, much to my surprise, the old answerphone is now also disconnecting the incoming call as soon as the message has played and the tone has sounded.

LiGo Electronics has now sent me a third answerphone which they had tested and shown to be working normally.  This too exhibits the same disconnecting problem.

The Gigaset service department has not been able to solve the problem.

I have never activated the 1571 network answering option on my phone line.

Could this be some kind of fault with my phone line?

I am not sure how this would fit with the answerphone also disconnecting calls when it is connected to my daughter's phone line, although she lives near me and is a Plusnet subscriber.

I would be most grateful if you could tell me how to get my answerphone to accept messages.

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Re: Answerphone incompatible with my phone line?

On my Gigaset, you can toggle ring delay options.
Have you tried altering settings from what it's on currently?

I have these options:

  1. immediately
  2. Auto
  3. 10, 18 or 30 seconds
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Re: Answerphone incompatible with my phone line?

Thank you.  Yes I have tried all of the ring delay options - no difference.