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Adding a call plan - incorrect total

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Adding a call plan - incorrect total

I have been trying to add a call plan to my current broadband & Line only package which is contracted for a remaining 15 months. However, when i try, the tool keeps giving me a total which does not take into account the £10.99 per month promotional discount that i currently have applied to my account. It states that the new amount of over £45 will be collected by direct debit starting next month. My current bill is £26.49 (plus any calls) so i was hoping to add the £8 anytime call plan meaning my bill would the be £34.49 but the upgrade tool says £45 per month....why?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Adding a call plan - incorrect total

Hi @jgdpieman


Thanks for getting in touch and I am sorry for any confusion here.

As long as you are not making any changes to the broadband product itself then there will be no additional charge here. It is only if you make any changes that the price would increase. I would mention that any discount that you arrange at the point of signing up is added after this stage, so would not appear on the contract page when making changes to the call plan.


In short, if you are only changing the callplan don't worry, your discounts will remain once this is done.


If you are worried, feel free to send a message on this thread once you have completed the change and I can view the details on your account and confirm this for you.