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Activation delay

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Activation delay

I (now not so) recently moved into a new home and decided to go with plusnet for a variety of reasons including good customer support reviews.  The problem is we had an engineer booked to activate us on 24th October, but from the 23rd of Oct we were told that cabling work was being done and it's not in your powers to speed anything up.  Basically we were told on 24th we'd find out in x number of days (I think about 4 or 5), and then this has been repeated until now, where we have to wait until the 30th for an update on our order.
My problem is not with the fact that cabling work has to be done, but that I would expect any Openreach/plusnet etc customers nearby all have working phone lines?  My house is a new build and we were told by the builders on the day we moved in that it already had a line installed and basically just needed somebody to come and flick a swich.
I guess what I'm trying to ask is: Is it actually necessary to wait for this cabling work to be completed, when the cables already run to my house and (probably) the box at the end of my road? 
I am getting quite irritated at the same response every time over the phone and through emails so I decided to come to the forums and hope for a better response here.  Also add onto that the fact that I'm paying to call plusnet every time because 0800 numbers aren't free from my mobile!  Angry
Many thanks,
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Activation delay

Hi there,
I'll update this post with more information shortly, but just wanted to say you can call us on 03451400200 if you wish - that's an 03 number which should be included in your mobile minutes.
I'll update you shortly.
EDIT: I'm afraid I can't add anything further to your latest ticket update, which states that our suppliers should have things working as of the 30th (this Friday). Hope everything is sorted for you then.