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90 year old Mum’s landline not working

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90 year old Mum’s landline not working

Hi all, My 90 year old Mum’s landline stopped working yesterday. There’s only a crackling sound. I did an online test last night and it confirmed there is something wrong. I can’t get through on live chat and there is at least a 30 min wait on the phone help line which never seems to reduce. Is there a special number to call, or email address, for problems vulnerable people have? Many thanks. 

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Re: 90 year old Mum’s landline not working

Welcome to the Forum @AJ99 

Live chat has been withdrawn.

You mentioned doing an online test. Was that the ? If so, the fault may well have been reported already. I hope so. If your mother is registered with Plusnet as vulnerable and the fault has reported then there is more hope for an early response.

I have not heard of a phone number for priority access in these sorts of circumstances but others may be able to comment. 30 Minutes is a long time to hold the line, but you may have to do that.

Another option is if Plusnet staff pick up this post. Timing is uncertain. You could try sending a Personal Message to (say) @Gandalf to see if he can look at this as a priority.


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Re: 90 year old Mum’s landline not working

Thanks for your post @AJ99 I'm sorry to see your mum's phone has stopped working.

The online test you've run has reported a fault to Openreach under ticket ID 200161201 Here and the estimated response time we've received is for an engineer to go out by 23/03/20 23:59:59. We've also been advised that the fault is part of a common fault in the area that's affecting multiple lines and they're working to restore the service as soon as they can.

If there's anything we should be aware of for example any serious medical conditions or if your mum has a life-line pendant, can send me a private message me with some detail and I'll be happy to get an emergency welfare case raised.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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