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1571 service

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1571 service

How does the 1571 service work ?

I do not see it listed as one of the extras available.

If you have a ansaphone which picks up messages will 1571 still work.

Perhaps someone can enlighten me on this subject.

Thank you


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Re: 1571 service

If it is on then a caller is taking to voicemail after a number of seconds. They are then asked to leave a message. When you have a message the dailing tone changes to a beep.

That is the way that it worked last time I had it turned on.


I turned it off because my answerphone is enough for me and it really annoyed me!


ps BT seem to charge extra for it but it is shown as free on Plusnet

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Re: 1571 service

I believe 1571 often kicks in before a phone handset's answering machine.

This would basically mean that people will be leaving messages on the BT server as opposed to your handset.

If you want to add the service I'd recommend following the link @daveplus provided.

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Re: 1571 service

Basic answer, both 1571 and a phone based system can be attached to a line.

However, normally each will (effectively) count the number of "rings" and grab the line when the required number have occurred. The one notable exception is that 1571 will immediately accept a call if the line is "off hook" and cannot accept the call.

If your answerphone has a setting to vary the number of rings before answering, you may be able to set it to answer before or after 1571 would respond.


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Re: 1571 service

BT's 1571 is what Plusnet call Voicemail.

BT's Call Minder is what Plusnet call Voicemail Extra.

The latter has extra facilities, including the option to change the number of rings before answering the call (1571/Voicemail default is seven).

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